Top 4 Ways To Go Green (and Save Green) This Earth Day

Green Home

It may not be as exciting as robots taking over the world, but the green energy revolution means more and more homes and vehicles operate on renewable energy. “Going green” is always a good thing, but there’s no better time than April 22, the annual celebration of Earth Day.

It doesn’t have to be hard, costly or inconvenient. Here are four smart and simple ways to go green — and save green!

Look for Simple Swaps that Save

Your home is full of energy-saving potential. Simple changes to your daily routines – like washing your laundry with cold water and running your dishwasher on eco-mode – can make a big impact on reducing energy waste. Check out our full library of tips to see other low-cost/no-cost ways you can save throughout your home.

Get Plugged in to Electric Vehicles

With more electric vehicle models on the market and an ever-growing network of charging stations, there has never been a better time to consider an electric vehicle! Want to get in on the action and relieve your pain at the pump? Check out our handy dandy guide. Plus, we can connect you to programs, offers, and other resources to improve your driving experience, as well as money-saving rebates worth $250 on ENERGY STAR®-certified Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 2 chargers!

Support Oklahoma Wind Power

Did you know that you can support clean, affordable, and abundant Oklahoma wind power with the click of a button? With PSO’s WindChoice, you can enroll your home or business to participate from 100%, which encourages the production of wind energy in Oklahoma. For just a few dollars a month, you can help pave the way to a cleaner energy future. Any level of support helps – log into your PSO account today to enroll.

See if Solar is Right for You

Solar panels can be a big investment – crunch the numbers with our solar calculator to determine your home’s solar potential. Solar power can be a bright idea, but there are many factors to consider. Download our solar guide to see more details and understand if switching to solar is smart for your family.

Good luck on going green. Wherever you are on your energy-saving journey, your pals at PSO are always here to help!