Unwrap Savings for Everyone on Your List With Our Holiday Gift Guide

Seasonal and Holiday

It is better to give than to receive. But it is even better to save energy too! So before searching online or wandering around the mall, let us help you find the perfect energy-efficient gift. Check out our holiday gift guide!

1.) Power tools that save power.

Give the DIY lover in your life what they really want: power tools! Just be sure to look for the Energy Star® logo on the rechargeable battery. You could save up to 30% more energy than regular power tools. Now that’s what we call home improvement!

2.) Save energy with fa-la-la-laptops!

Unwrap portability, convenience, and most importantly, energy savings with a laptop! Laptops top desktops for energy efficiency. In fact, desktops drain so much energy while sitting idle, they cost more than 25 times as much to charge as a laptop. Yikes! Plus, have you ever tried taking a desktop to a coffee shop? It’s not ideal.

3.) Soak up some rays with a solar backpack.

It may be chilly now, but you’ll be hitting the hiking trails before you know it. Save space for your gear (and energy for your electronics) with a solar-powered backpack that doubles as a portable charger. Here’s how it works: the bag’s fabric is made of recycled soda bottles, making it waterproof, lightweight, and UV resistant. After just one hour of sunlight, the solar panels have enough juice to power three hours of talk time for your cell phone. After four to five hours, you’ll have enough for a full charge. Power up on the go and check out the top picks for solar backpacks.

4.) Cuddle up with the ultimate energy saver: blankets!

Our other holiday gift suggestions are state-of-the-art, but the ultimate energy savers are as old school as they come: blankets. Yep, blankets! Blankets provide warmth and comfort while using no energy. Zero, zilch, nada. Plus, by cozying up with a warm blanket, you’re less likely to crank up your heater, leading to even more energy savings! Is there anything these cuddly wonders can’t do? Personally, we recommend wool followed by down feathers, but you do you. Hot cocoa not included (but highly recommended).

Did you find something for everyone on your list? Whether you’re shopping for the holidays or just want to be energy efficient, energy saving products are the gifts that keep on giving all year long. See how you can save with rebates from PSO!