Work Smarter, Not Harder With These Five Smart Home Hacks

Home Hacks

Do you think having a smart home sounds like sci-fi? Think again. Thanks to new, innovative technology, saving energy is easier and more convenient than ever.

Work smarter — not harder — with these five smart home hacks.

Smart LEDs

You know we’re big fans of LED light bulbs. Well, smart LED light bulbs are everything we love about LED light bulbs, plus they can also change colors and be controlled via an app. Some even play music! A LED light bulb that saves energy and plays music? Yes, please!

Smart Thermostats

Warm and cool your home whenever and wherever you want with a smart thermostat. Schedule your house to be warmer at night when you’re home, but cooler during the day when you’re away. Plus, the app feature even lets you control your home’s temp from literally anywhere. You can even get a free ENERGY STAR certified WiFi thermostat when you sign up for PSO’s Power Hours program.

Energy Monitors

Love data? You’re going to love this. With smart energy monitors, you’ll get info on your home’s energy use.

Don’t have an energy monitor, but still want to see your home’s energy usage? Check out PSO’s Energy Insights tool, which provides near real-time data, usage information, and tools to help you better manage your home’s energy use. Even if you’re not a data nerd, who doesn’t love saving? 

Smart ADVANCED Power Strips

Even when you’re not using your electronics, your old power strips are still draining energy (hence the term “energy vampire.”) Yeah, they’re the worst.

Well, ADVANCED power strips shut down devices in standby mode, so you’re not draining energy 24/7. They’ll even turn off fire hazards, such as space heaters, if you forget. Did we mention there’s a rebate too?

Smart Safety Detectors

Saving energy is important, but saving lives and property is the most important. Smart safety detectors let you do all of the above.

With smart safety detectors you can monitor carbon monoxide, fire and flood no matter where you are. Be sure to check with your insurance company to see if you can get a policy discount for owning one too.

Feeling smarter, already? Well, you’ll feel like a genius when you see all of the energy and money your smart home is saving. See how you can save even more with rebates from PSO.