Water Heaters

Water heaters are typically a home’s second-biggest energy user. If your electric water heater is more than 10 years old, it may give you the cold shoulder, resulting in expensive and inconvenient repairs, leaks, or even flooding.

Not all water heaters are created equal.

Modern HEAT PUMP WATER HEATERS perform at or above the level of traditional tank water heaters, plus use up to 70% less energy. Read more below to find out how a relatively simple upgrade can save you on your home’s second biggest energy for years to come.

Conventional Electric Water Heaters versus Heat Pump Water Heaters

Need help deciding if you’re a good candidate for a heat pump water heater?

View the ENERGY STAR hot water replacement guide to find out.


How do I get an ENERGY STAR-certified heat pump water heater?

Purchase a qualifying ENERGY STAR-certified heat pump water heater at participating retailers or your local Lowe’s and Home Depots, and apply for your $500 PSO rebate online or via mail.

Restrictions may apply. View rebate details for more information.