As a Peak Performer, First National Bank is investing in its community.

First National Bank & Trust Co. of Chickasha is having a huge impact on its community. As a Peak Performer, the bank is helping keep electricity costs low by voluntarily shifting usage during peak times in the summer months.


Peak Performers is a rebate offering designed to reduce electricity use in our communities during peak times, delaying the need for new power plants. That helps keep rates low for everyone. When PSO anticipates a spike in demand, a Peak Event is called. Participating businesses will be alerted via email or phone and have up to four hours to make changes that trim electricity usage in their facilities. There are a maximum of 12 Peak Events called per year between June and September, and they typically last no more than four hours.


First National Bank’s reduction plan includes raising the thermostat a few degrees, turning off lights and computers, and closing blinds in offices that aren’t being used. Changes don’t require shutting down operations and often go unnoticed by bank customers.


Since it’s completely voluntary, there are no penalties if you’re unable to participate in certain Peak Events. However, substantial rewards await when you do. For First National Bank’s efforts last year, the bank saved around $1,000 per month on its summer electric bills and received a $2,469 check from PSO.

In fact, since 2013, PSO has paid $4.9 million in incentives to participating businesses. And in 2015 alone, 151 businesses collectively shaved 54 megawatts off their usage.

By enrolling in Peak Performers, your business can also earn substantial cash rewards — and help your community, too.

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