Making upgrades to your business is easier than you think.

Did you know multiple upgrades means bigger savings? Customers who complete 3 or more different types of retrofit upgrades are eligible for up to a 20% bonus rebate. Check out our bonus rebate calculator to see how the savings stack up.

For more information on available business rebates, view the interactive 2021 Business Rebate Brochure.


LED Screw-in Lamp

$3 per lamp | Retrofit | Instant Discounts Available

LED Interior Fixtures

$6 – $20 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Tube Lamp (TLEDs)

$3 per lamp | Retrofit | Instant Discounts Available

LED Linear Retrofit Kits

$5-12 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Permanent De-lamping with Retrofit Kit

$8-15 per fixture | Retrofit

LED High Bay/Low Bay Fixtures

$50-100 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Exit Signs

$6 per sign | Retrofit

LED Refrigeration Lighting

$20 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Parking Garage Fixtures

$40-60 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Exterior Fixtures

$30-290 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Sign Lighting

$0.25-0.50 per watt reduced | Retrofit

Lighting Controls/Sensors

$10-15 per control | Retrofit


Interior LED Lighting

$0.20-0.40 per watt reduced | New Construction

Exterior LED Lighting

$6-130 per fixture | New Construction

Exterior LED Lighting for Areas > 5,000 square feet

$0.03 per kWh Reduced | New Construction


$4 per linear foot

Night Covers

$15 per foot

Reach-In Door Closer

$75 per door

Refrigeration Suction Pipe Insulation

$1 per foot

Strip Curtains

$10 per sqft

VSD Refrigeration Compressor Controls

$300 per ton

Zero Energy Door

$200-300 per door

Tankless Water Heater

$50 – $150 per unit

LED HID Replacement Lamps

$30 – $75 per lamp

Ceiling Insulation

$0.20 per sqft

Smart Power Strips

$10 per strip

Personal Occupancy Sensor – Smart Power Strip

$20-50 per strip

Hotel Room HVAC Controls

$60-80 per room

Vending Machine Controls

$50-100 per unit

Pool Pumps

$300 – $1,000

Computer Power Management

$10-$15 per unit

Commercial Dishwasher

$400-$4,000 per unit

Electric Deep Fryers

$100-150 per unit

Electric Insulated Holding Cabinets

$100-200 per unit

Electric Ovens

$200-1,000 per unit

Electric Steam Cookers

$1000 per unit

Ice Machine

$100-200 per unit

Kitchen Vent Hood Controls

$750 per Hp

Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerators

$40-100 per unit

Solid Door Reach-In Freezers

$80-200 per unit

Glass Door Reach-In Refrigerators

$40-100 per unit

Commercial Clothes Washer

$50-150 per unit

Vending Machine

$100 per unit

Door Weather Stripping

$0.50-$20 per ft

Duct Insulation

$0.20 per sqft

Window Film

$2 per sqft


$300-7,000 per unit

Anti-Sweat Heat Controls

$100 per door

ECM Evaporator Fan Motor

$80 per door

Evaporator Fan Controller on Existing Shaded-Pole Motor

$70 per motor

High Frequency Forklift Battery Chargers

$500 per charger

Last Updated 8/20/2021

Customized Solutions

PSO is committed to helping businesses in a variety of industries save energy. We offer customized rebates for the unique needs of your facility, as well as consultation and other valuable energy-saving services.

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Get an edge on the competition with PSO’s small business energy solutions. Designed for small businesses and non-profits, these services will help you reduce overhead, improve employee productivity, and more.

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