Making upgrades to your business is easier than you think.

Did you know multiple upgrades means bigger savings? Customers who complete 3 or more different types of retrofit upgrades are eligible for up to a 20% bonus rebate. Check out the bonus requirements to get started.

For more information on available business rebates, view the interactive 2020 Business Rebate Brochure.

LED Screw-in Lamp

$3 per lamp | Retrofit | Instant Discounts Available

LED Interior Fixtures

$6 – $20 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Tube Lamp (TLEDs)

$3 per lamp | Retrofit | Instant Discounts Available

LED Linear Retrofit Kits

$5-12 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Permanent De-lamping with Retrofit Kit

$8-15 per fixture | Retrofit

LED High Bay/Low Bay Fixtures

$50-100 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Exit Signs

$6 per sign | Retrofit

LED Refrigeration Lighting

$20 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Parking Garage Fixtures

$40-60 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Exterior Fixtures

$30-140 per fixture | Retrofit

LED Sign Lighting

$0.25-0.50 per watt reduced | Retrofit

Lighting Controls/Sensors

$10-15 per control | Retrofit


Interior LED Lighting

$0.20-0.40 per watt reduced | New Construction

Exterior LED Lighting

$6-130 per fixture | New Construction

Exterior LED Lighting for Areas > 5,000 square feet

$0.03 per kWh Reduced | New Construction


$4 per linear foot

Night Covers

$15 per foot

Reach-In Door Closer

$75 per door

Refrigeration Suction Pipe Insulation

$1 per foot

Strip Curtains

$10 per sqft

VSD Refrigeration Compressor Controls

$300 per ton

Zero Energy Door

$200-300 per door

Tankless Water Heater

$50 – $150 per unit

LED HID Replacement Lamps

$30 – $75 per lamp

Ceiling Insulation

$0.20 per sqft

Smart Power Strips

$10 per strip

Personal Occupancy Sensor – Smart Power Strip

$20-50 per strip

Hotel Room HVAC Controls

$60-80 per room

Vending Machine Controls

$50-100 per unit

Pool Pumps

$300 – $1,000

Computer Power Management

$10-$15 per unit

Commercial Dishwasher

$400-2,400 per unit

Electric Deep Fryers

$100-150 per unit

Electric Insulated Holding Cabinets

$100-200 per unit

Electric Ovens

$200-1,000 per unit

Electric Steam Cookers

$1000 per unit

Ice Machine

$100-200 per unit

Kitchen Vent Hood Controls

$750 per Hp

Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerators

$40-100 per unit

Solid Door Reach-In Freezers

$80-200 per unit

Glass Door Reach-In Refrigerators

$40-100 per unit

Commercial Clothes Washer

$50-150 per unit

Vending Machine

$100 per unit

Door Weather Stripping

$0.50-20 per ft

Duct Insulation

$0.20 per sqft

Window Film

$2 per sqft


$300-7,000 per unit

Anti-Sweat Heat Controls

$100 per door

ECM Evaporator Fan Motor

$80 per door

Evaporator Fan Controller on Existing Shaded-Pole Motor

$70 per motor

Last Updated 09/08/20

Customized Solutions

PSO is committed to helping businesses in a variety of industries save energy. We offer customized rebates for the unique needs of your facility, as well as consultation and other valuable energy-saving services.

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Small Business

Get an edge on the competition with PSO’s small business energy solutions. Designed for small businesses and non-profits, these services will help you reduce overhead, improve employee productivity, and more.

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