Are You (Energy) Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?

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Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime, especially when it comes to saving energy! That’s why we’ve committed to teach students how to be more energy efficient and help the adults in their lives follow energy-saving behaviors.

Each year, 16,000 education kits are delivered to fifth-grade students throughout our service area! The kits include energy-saving products, like LED light bulbs, an advanced power strip, and more. In addition to the kit, we also provide fun, informative worksheets and in-class exercises so students can learn more about energy and how to use it more efficiently. Each student also gets to take home the energy-saving kit (more on that in a sec).

Since the program launched in 2010, our customers have helped save more than 3 million kilowatt hours annually by practicing energy-saving behaviors and using the energy-efficient products provided in the kits.

Teachers and students love it!

“We appreciate the kits, and our class has so much fun with them,” says Jennifer Goldner, a teacher at Jay Upper Elementary School, a school that has participated for years.

Students love it too. “I’m always touched by the thank you cards we receive from both teachers and students,” says Mary Jackson, PSO’s Sr. Consumer Program Coordinator. “We’ve even had some students give the kit to their parents as a present.”

While the energy savings kits are only for students (sorry, guys), you can still get rebates on the energy-saving products. Here’s what’s inside the kit:

LED light bulbs and night-lights.

LED light bulbs are always a bright idea. They use a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs and a lot less than CFL bulbs. Best part? PSO provides instant savings when you purchase them from participating retailers!

ADVANCED Power Strip

While traditional power strips drain power even when your electronics aren’t in use, ADVANCED power strips don’t. Awesome, right? Y’know what else is awesome? Instant savings at participating retailers.

Refrigerator thermometer

You should keep your fridge at around 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your food safe and your electricity output low. The best way to monitor your fridge’s temp is with a refrigerator thermometer, though lots of ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators include built-in thermometers. Take advantage of PSO rebates on qualifying appliances.

Air filter alarm

An air filter alarm lets you know when your air filter is too dirty and needs to be cleaned. When you’re ready to change your filter, we’ve got a rebate for that too!

Are you a fifth-grade teacher who wants to receive the education kits? Or are you a parent with a fifth-grader and want your kid’s teacher to know more about them? Learn more about the education program.