But we’re a teacher’s aide on the side.

At PSO, we’re deeply committed to public education. In partnership with the American Electric Power Foundation, we’ve supported millions in grants for communities throughout Oklahoma. From childhood literacy programs to energy efficiency education, we put our money where our priorities are.

To educate the next generation about the value of electricity and importance of conservation, PSO partnered with Resource Action Programs to create a curriculum for 5th graders. This free, hands-on approach teaches young science students about energy efficiency and provides tools to help their families save energy and money.

The curriculum provides teacher lesson plans, educational materials, activity books and an Energy Savings Kit for each student that includes:

  • Four 9-watt LED Bulbs
  • 7-plug Advanced Power Strip
  • Filter Tone Alarm
  • LED Night Light

Through educational support and outreach services, we’re shaping tomorrow’s leaders in energy and conservation. It’s all a part of our commitment to providing reliable, sustainable power for generations to come.

See what others are saying:

“I have been an educator for 17 years. In those 17 years I have NEVER seen anything like this. You have a top-notch curriculum, and you couple that with useful items that can make an impact in each child’s home… several of them are going to wrap the smart strip up as a present for their parents at Christmas. It indeed is a present that will give their families money back into their pockets.”

Jennifer, Teacher, Jay Upper Elementary School

“Thank you for finding ways to introduce money-saving tips and products to us as a family that we were not aware of.”

— Megan, Parent, Hoover Elementary School

 “As a parent, I found the program very hands-on and a great learning experience.”

Nathan, Parent, Augustine Christian Academy

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