A Shining Example of Energy Efficiency

Green Business

Since 1978, CamGlass has grown from a small family business to a large-scale industrial manufacturer. Along the way, a lot changed at this Broken Arrow-based fabricator.

Starting with just a single customer, the company has grown to serve an international roster of clients in the agricultural, automotive, construction, mining and other specialized industries. But while business was booming, the company’s infrastructure was falling behind the times.

Reflecting on the Possibilities

As the facilities at CamGlass sprawled to over 170,000 square feet, the company’s power consumption multiplied exponentially. By 2010, many of the original light fixtures, industrial motors and compressors at this cutting-edge manufacturer had been surpassed by more efficient technologies. CamGlass was missing out on astronomical savings, and PSO had a plan to help.

The Clear Choice for Cutting Overhead

Working with efficiency experts at PSO, CamGlass replaced a total of 431 T12 and metal halide light fixtures with high-efficiency T8 and T5 fixtures. The company made air compressor upgrades and installed variable frequency drives (VFDs) on four energy-intensive industrial motors. VFDs save energy by reducing motor speed and power consumption during times of lower demand. Altogether, CamGlass cut more than 1.8 million kilowatt-hours from its annual consumption while receiving over $150,000 in rebates from PSO.

Savings Summary

Annual energy savings: 1,803,114 kWh

Estimated annual energy cost savings: $90,000

Rebates paid by PSO: $150,076.86

“PSO has been wonderful to work with,” says CamGlass Managing Director Jimmie Cameron. “CamGlass never would have invested the capital we did without PSO’s rebates. PSO is making a difference in the world by allowing companies to conserve energy responsibly.”

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