An Industrial Manufacturer Puts the Breaks on Spiraling Costs

Green Business

Founded in 1940 by Ed Babb, Ebsco Spring Company began as a humble factory in downtown Tulsa. More than 70 years later, the company is a leading manufacturer of industrial springs.

Ebsco serves a breathtaking array of industries, including aerospace, defense, robotics, agriculture and more. But as the company grew, its energy costs grew with it.

To help contain costs and demonstrate environmental stewardship, company management decided it was time to get serious about efficiency.

Springing Into Action

In 2011, Ebsco formed a “Green Team” to drive the company’s efficiency initiative. Immediately, the team identified lighting retrofits as a prime solution for reducing energy usage.

Working with a participating PSO service provider, Ebsco applied for and received a significant retrofit rebate from PSO. The rebate covered 32% of the project’s cost, helping transform the look and feel of the building.

Coming Full Circle in Efficiency

The 72-hour project was completed at night to avoid business disruption. Ebsco’s new, high-efficiency light fixtures not only eliminated 270,000 kilowatt-hours per year, they made the factory floor brighter and more attractive. And with savings of more than $2,000 per month, they made a big impact on the company’s bottom line.

Savings Summary

Annual energy savings: 288,737 kWh

Estimated annual energy cost savings: $16,200

Estimated payback time: 20 months

Rebates paid by PSO: $28,996

“In 20 months the re-lamp will pay for itself and then continue putting significant utility savings in the bank each month,“ says Todd Pfiefer, COO at Ebsco. “Technically … I think it’s better than free.“

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