Set — and Meet — Energy Resolutions for Your Business

Green Business

The beginning of the year offers a blank slate to plan goals for the year ahead. Particularly for small business owners, it presents a new opportunity to identify ways to improve or grow your business. Here are some ways you can meet your energy-related goals in the new year.

Make energy efficient upgrades to your business.

Energy efficiency comes in a variety of forms – from using LED lighting to installing energy efficient window treatments. In addition to PSO’s standard business rebates, small business can qualify for lighting rebates up to 70 percent of the total project cost. Request a free energy consultation today to get started!

Enroll in our Peak Performers program.

This is a free program that allows your business to earn money for using less power during periods of high demand, while helping overall grid reliability. You can choose whether or not to participate during these periods. If you do, you can earn dollars for shifting or reducing energy use. Enroll online.

Go green with WindChoice.

You can support Oklahoma generated wind power and your company’s renewable energy efforts by signing up for PSO’s WindChoice program. Simply choose how much WindChoice you want for your business, anywhere from 1-100% of your monthly usage. Participation in this voluntary, renewable program shows employees and customers your care and concern for the environment. Enroll online or email for more information.

PSO is committed to helping you meet your energy goals. If you would like to speak with our Account Management Team, please call 1-888-776-1368.