Make the Brightest Decision When Considering Solar

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Thinking about switching to solar energy, but not sure where to start? Make the best and brightest decision before you switch, and consider these factors first!

  • Should I lease or buy? When you lease a solar panel system, you pay a company to lease equipment, but can use the power it produces. When you buy a system, you pay up front or finance the purchase, and are responsible for maintenance and repairs. Whether you decide to lease or buy, it’s important to review your contract and ask questions before agreeing to either option.
  • How much will I save? Solar panels are a big investment, whether you lease or buy. A number of factors determine your ROI, including: weather conditions, electricity rates, and your home’s energy efficiency, among other things. Crunch the numbers and determine your estimated ROI with our solar calculator.
  • Is my home ready for solar? Before you install panels, have a professional take a look at your roof to assess its condition and make sure it’s ready for solar power. Also, check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers possible damage related to solar panels, and check with your agent to see if having solar panels will change your premium.
  • Going solar doesn’t necessarily mean going “off the grid.” Typically, solar panels are a supplement to your electric service with your utility solar panel system and does not operate independently of the electric grid unless it’s specifically designed to provide back-up power.

What should you do next?

As you can see there are many factors to consider. Pardon the pun, but switching to solar is not a decision to be taken “sun”-lightly.

See if switching to solar should be in your plans and check out PSO’s helpful solar power playbook!