Make the Season Bright: Save on Holiday Lights

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If you’re like us, holiday lights are one of the season’s highlights. But you don’t have to choose between saving energy and making the season bright. You can enjoy both!

Follow these four easy tips to boost your home’s holiday curbside appeal, and still save energy, money, and Watts.

Switch to LED this season.

Outdoor holiday lights are the best—constantly replacing them is the worst. Switch to durably constructed LED lights, which last up to 100,000 hours (more than 33 times as long as incandescent), and consume up to 90% less energy. Longer life + less energy means LED is a bright idea.  

Go green with a fiber optic tree.

Our favorite holiday decoration? No question, it’s the tree. However, untangling and stringing traditional holiday lights is time consuming and energy draining. You’ve got better things to do during the holidays, right? So switch to a fiber optic tree to save up to 90% more energy—and 100% of the time you’d spend stringing lights.

Yule love ADVANCED Power Strips

Energy vampires strike during the holidays too. Don’t be spooked, just plug into an ADVANCED Power Strip, which unlike traditional power strips doesn’t drain power even when your electronics aren’t in use. Plus, we’ll help you save up to $14 when you buy one. Nope, it’s not a holiday gift; we offer rebates all year long.

Outdoor timers are fa-la-la-awesome.

If you turn off your outdoor lights manually, you either have to stay up late (bummer) or turn them off early (bigger bummer). Or you may forget and leave them on all night (which is the biggest bummer, especially for your neighbors). A better idea? Get an outdoor timer. Not only does it save energy, but it doubles as a security system if you’re out of town during the holidays.

Watt are even more ways to save during the holidays (or any day)? Check out our tips to save energy every season.