Make Your Home Energy-Efficient and Bright With These Holiday Lighting Tips

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Holiday lighting is serious business. If you don’t believe us, just ask Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation. Do you want your home to be the brightest, best-looking, and most energy efficient house on the block? We’ve got you. Check out these easy, smart, energy-saving tips!

  • Use ENERGY STAR® certified LED light strands. LED holiday light strands are brighter, safer, cooler, last 10X longer, and use 70% less energy than traditional bulbs. Translation: No brainer.
  • Plug in with ADVANCED power strips. Do you like the idea of plugging in a ton of holidays lights into an old power strip? Yeah, that’s a nope. Use an ADVANCED power strip instead. You will save a bundle of electricity, and a ton of time untangling, with this safer, smarter option. You can also get a rebate from us! 
  • Set an automatic timer for no more than 8 hours. Nobody is looking at holiday lights at 3:40am, so why waste energy and money lighting up your home in the wee hours?
  • Get creative! Use reflective ornaments and tinsel that are just as bright as holiday lights at night, and use no electricity at all.