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Attic/Ceiling Insulation (R-22 or less existing)


Learn more about how insulation works, where to insulate, and types of insulation.

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Before upgrading your home, check to see if you qualify for Home Weatherization Assistance.

What is it?

Insulation improves comfort and energy savings, especially during winter. For attics/ceilings, the recommended R-rating is R20 to R60.

Am I eligible?

Insulation rebates are only available for homes with existing central HVAC or heat pumps. Homes with only window units and/or floor furnaces do not qualify for insulation rebates.

  • Existing attic insulation must be R-22 or less to qualify.
  • Final attic insulation must be R-38 minimum.
  • Foam insulation is only available as a Multiple Upgrade rebate.
How to get it?

STEP 1: Choose a participating service provider

STEP 2: Schedule your service

STEP 3: Mention the PSO rebate to your service provider

STEP 4: Receive your PSO rebate via the service provider invoice

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