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ENERGY STAR Certified Ductless Mini-Split, 19.1 SEER2 Minimum


Don’t forget to check for tax incentives.

What is it?

A ductless mini-split system has two main components: an air-handling head unit (or multiple head units) inside the home and an accompanying compressor/condenser unit outside. The outside unit extracts heat from the air, even when it’s cold. Refrigerant carries the heat directly to the heads inside, which disburses it out into the rooms to warm the occupied space. In warmer months, the system works in reverse for quiet, efficient air conditioning all without the need of duct work.

Am I eligible?

You may qualify for a higher rebate on this upgrade by participating in the Multiple Upgrade Bonus.

HVAC replacement in multiple upgrades must be combined with Duct Replacement or Duct Sealing.

How to get it?

STEP 1: Choose a participating service provider

STEP 2: Schedule your service

STEP 3: Mention the PSO rebate to your service provider

STEP 4: Receive your PSO rebate via the service provider invoice

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