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Electric Ovens

$200-1,000 per unit
Electric Ovens Oven Type Rebate Amount Unit
New electric ovens must meet ENERGY STAR specifications Electric Convection Oven $200.00 per unit
Electric Combination Oven $1,000.00 per unit


Use our Business Bonus Rebate Calculator to see if you qualify for our multiple upgrade bonus!

Go to the ENERGY STAR website to find compatible models.

What is it?

As one of the most widely used appliances in the foodservice industry, with a wide variety of uses, commercial ovens can be a significant contributor to an establishment’s overall energy use. An energy efficient electric oven provides up to 20% greater energy savings than standard models.


Am I eligible?

New electric ovens must be ENERGY STAR® certified.

Rebate amount is dependent on oven type.

How to get it?

STEP 1: Submit business rebate application here.

STEP 2: Application review and pre-approval issued (if needed)

STEP 3: Purchase and installation of equipment

STEP 4: Final equipment documentation

STEP 5: Post installation review

STEP 6: Rebate check issued within 3-4 weeks upon project completion

Note: You can refer to the equipment’s technical requirements document for specific requirements.

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