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Making upgrades to your home or business is easier than you think.

High Frequency Forklift Battery Chargers

$500 per charger

Use our Business Bonus Rebate Calculator to see if you qualify for our multiple upgrade bonus!

What is it?

Charge your industrial forklift batteries with high-frequency forklift battery chargers, which use up to 15% less electricity than other chargers.

Am I eligible?

Installation of a 24V, 36V, or 48V battery charger designed for a pallet jack or forklift battery.

How to get it?

STEP 1: Submit business rebate application here.

STEP 2: Application review and pre-approval issued (if needed)

STEP 3: Purchase and installation of equipment

STEP 4: Final equipment documentation

STEP 5: Post installation review

STEP 6: Rebate check issued within 3-4 weeks upon project completion

Note: You can refer to the equipment’s technical requirements document for specific requirements.

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