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Making upgrades to your home or business is easier than you think.


$300 - $7,000 per unit

View rebates for HVAC VFD in our Business Rebates booklet.

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What is it?

VFD controlled fans increase the HVAC system’s motor speed during peak times and slow them down as demand decreases, reducing the system’s overall energy use by up to 70%.

Am I eligible?

Retrofit installation of new VFDs on existing HVAC equipment

Rebate amount is dependent on VFD install type and horsepower.

How to get it?

STEP 1: Submit business rebate application here.

STEP 2: Application review and pre-approval issued (if needed)

STEP 3: Purchase and installation of equipment

STEP 4: Final equipment documentation

STEP 5: Post installation review

STEP 6: Rebate check issued within 3-4 weeks upon project completion

Note: You can refer to the equipment’s technical requirements document for specific requirements.

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