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Packaged Terminal Units AC/HP

Instant Rebate - Midstream
HVAC Equipment Type Rebate Amount
New Construction or Retrofit HVAC systems Air Conditioners (Split and Unitary) Instant discounts available through participating distributors and service providers. View details on page 45 in our Business Rebates booklet.
Split Air Source Heat Pumps (Split and Unitary)
Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC)
Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP)
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems
Water Source Heat Pumps


Use our Business Bonus Rebate Calculator to see if you qualify for our multiple upgrade bonus!

Don’t forget to check for heating and cooling tax incentives for your business.

What is it?

Packaged terminal air conditioning and heat pump units are single units that are used to cool or heat the room where they are installed, and are up to 10% more energy efficient than standard models.

Am I eligible?

New construction or retrofit HVAC systems.

Rebate amount is dependent on equipment type.

You can find more information about instant rebates for commercial customers here.

How to get it?

STEP 1: Find a participating distributor

STEP 2: Receive PSO’s instant rebate at the time of purchase

Note: You can refer to the Midstream requirements document for specific equipment requirements.

Service Providers: Please view our Midstream page for more information. If you are ready to submit an application, go to psomidstream.com to get started.

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