Does your home make the grade? See how your home stacks up with My Energy Advisor

Back to school’s not just for the kids. See if your home is a star pupil or if there’s room for improvement. With PSO’s My Energy Advisor, you have everything you need to know about your home’s energy consumption, all in one convenient place.  Here’s how it works:


Get started

Sign up at Next, answer some multiple-choice questions (no cheating off your neighbor) about your home to get a customized view of your energy consumption. This creates a detailed home energy profile and you’ll receive your very own Home Energy Score.


Start saving

Now you’re ready to start saving. With My Energy Advisor you can: compare your home’s energy usage with other homes like yours; track usage trends based on the weather; and even receive personalized recommendations, from tips for saving energy to specific equipment upgrades. When you select an upgrade, you’ll also see how much you can save in energy costs each month and any available rebates from PSO.


Build a plan

Break out your spiral notebook and favorite highlighter, it’s time to build an Energy Savings Plan. Actually, let My Energy Advisor do the work – it lets you compare your current home’s energy usage with potential upgrades. It’s a powerful way to predict your energy-saving future.


Ready to see how your home stacks up?  Visit My Energy Advisor today.