Analyze My Usage

Energy Insights at Your Fingertips – Explore Your Home’s Energy Use & Get Personalized Savings Recommendations

Ever wonder what impacts your energy use – and in turn your electric bill? Well, all it takes is a few clicks and a couple of minutes to get a detailed picture of where your energy is going – and how you could be saving.

Get started by logging in to your PSO account and updating your home energy profile – answer a handful of questions about your home and energy habits to unlock your personalized energy dashboard that shows you how your home stacks up and gives you personalized recommendations to help you manage your energy use.

Once you’ve completed your home energy profile, you’ll be able to:


Compare usage data.
Compare your energy usage month-by-month or even down to 15-minute intervals. See how the temperature impacted your energy usage and know how much energy you’re using seasonally compared to others in your area.


Discover your busiest energy days.
See which days of the week you’re using the most electricity so you can start taking steps to save.


View your home energy profile.
By completing or updating your home energy profile, you’ll help us identify which appliances and electronics use the most energy in your home. Once you find out what uses the most electricity, you’ll get savings tips specifically tailored to you!


Ready to get started? Log in to your account and update your profile today!

Have questions? Give us a call at 1.888.216.3523!

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