Reap rebates in farming operations.

Make smart investments now and watch your savings grow exponentially year-to-year. PSO will even help you pay for it with major, money-saving rebates. Rebates are based on a per unit fixed price or by the amount of energy saved. Your investments in energy efficient systems like these can pay off exponentially:

Lighting Reduce your lighting costs by as much as 80% and receive rebates by replacing inefficient lighting with LED lamps and fixtures. Here’s how: 

  • Replace high-pressure sodium (HPS), compact fluorescent (CFL), or incandescent lamps used in animal production operations with LED screw-in lamps.
  • Replace HPS and Metal Halide fixtures used for horticulture and exterior lighting with efficient LED fixtures.
  • Replace inefficient T8 and T12 fluorescents with LED tube lamps or LED fixtures.
Ventilation Fans/VFDs Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)-controlled fans provide optimal aeration for grain bin drying and storage. Installing energy-efficient ventilation fans or configure your old, inefficient ones with a new VFD and you’ll save energy and earn rebates for the overall reduction in kilowatt (kW) and kilowatt-hours (kWh).
Irrigation Pump & Pump Tune-Ups Make energy efficient improvements to your irrigation system and save an average of 25-30% off operational costs. Install a VFD on a new or existing irrigation system, and perform a pump tune-up to save energy and earn rebates for reducing your kW and kWh.
Milk Pre-cooler Reduce your milk-cooling costs by as much as 60% with an upgraded milk pre-cooler.

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