Building a new home? Or just wanting to make your existing home more energy-efficient and comfortable? No matter what you’re shopping for, we have tips to help you make smarter purchases for your home that can lead to energy savings and boosted comfort levels.

1. LIGHTING. Whatever your lighting needs, there’s a high-efficiency LED bulb for the job. Learn about “light appearance,” choosing the right bulb for the right fixture, the difference between watts and lumens, and more.

2. WINDOWS. Something as simple as windows can impact the efficiency of your entire house. But don’t throw your money out the window! Before you buy, familiarize yourself with these terms: Climate Zone, U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

3. NEW HOMES. If you’re building an energy-efficient new home, you want every element to work in harmony. Study up on what the HERS Index is, and how an ENERGY STAR® certified home can bring you savings and comfort for years to come.

4. INSULATION. Like windows, the right insulation can make a big difference in how efficiently your home performs. Learn about the different types of insulation and what they’re used for, and how its R-Value affects your comfort and savings.

BONUS BUYS: While you’re shopping, consider adding these smart products to your cart for extra savings and comfort:

SMART POWER STRIPS: Super-smart power strips allow you to shut off devices that are not in use without unplugging them. Some smart strips can even sense when you’re not using electronics and shut down devices that go into standby mode.

INSULATED BLACKOUT CURTAINS: The greatest products always serve more than one purpose. When it comes to energy efficiency, these curtains add extra insulation during the winter, andkeep the sun blocked out during the summer. Plus, if you want to sleep in, these curtains will keep the room dark until you’re ready to wake up!

ENERGY STAR ELECTRONICS: Electronics boasting the ENERGY STAR label use less energy than the federal government requires. This includes computers, televisions, stereos and more.

The more you know, the smarter you shop! Learn all this and more — lots more — at