WindChoice: Wind Power That’ll Blow You Away

In 2018, a loaf of bread will cost you around $2.25, but so will your average latte.

But the best use of $2.25? Transforming the way your home uses electricity.

PSO WindChoice Program

With PSO’s WindChoice program, you can convert a percentage of your home’s electricity to clean and abundant wind power for little cost. This service allows you to reduce your environmental impact while investing in renewable energy.

WindChoice is completely customizable, letting you choose what percentage you want to invest. Want to go all in? You can convert up to 100% of your home energy to wind power through the program.

WindChoice is available for as little as $0.0038 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). If your home uses 1,200 kWhs of energy per month and you enroll in 50% WindChoice, then you’re adding around $2.25 per month to your electricity bill. Who knew supporting renewable energy could be so affordable?

Learn more about signing up for WindChoice with PSO!