Peak Savings Roll in for Broken Arrow Roller Sports

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When energy is at peak demand, PSO Peak Performers rise to the occasion. Broken Arrow Roller Sports does its part by rolling back usage when it counts most.

With a workforce comprised mostly of teenagers, the crew at Broken Arrow Roller Sports found ways to make saving energy fun during peak events. As a result, they reduced their average load by 29.29 kilowatts – an astounding 30% reduction in peak demand.

“When notified of a peak event, I pre-cool the building at around 10 a.m. We have six HVAC units and turn off all but one at 2 p.m. We also turn off office, backroom and lobby lights, and rink lighting is reduced by 50%,” says Darrin Johnson, Broken Arrow Roller Sports proprietor.

Their load shedding efforts did more than save money on their summer utility bill. As Peak Performers they received nearly $1,000 in incentive payments.

To top it off, Broken Arrow Roller Sports was recognized as one of 2013’s Distinguished New PSO Peak Performers.

“As soon as we got this award, I emailed our picture with the big check to my business associates to tell them they’re missing out by not signing up,” adds Johnson.

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