Make Your Facilities More Industrious With Help From PSO

Business Heating and Cooling, Business Lighting and Electronics

Energy consumption from industrial processes can form a considerable percentage of your operating costs. Increasing the energy efficiency of your facility’s operations can produce significant savings that go straight to your bottom line.

PSO offers business efficiency options to fit every budget. Whether you’re building a new facility or upgrading your current one, we have resources to help.

Existing Facility Upgrades

PSO offers valuable rebates for making energy-saving upgrades to your worksite. Earn cash back on cooling systems, commercial kitchen equipment, lighting retrofits and site-specific projects.

New Facilities

When you’re building a new facility, it’s important to incorporate efficiency measures early in the design process. PSO’s efficiency experts provide custom design assistance to make your construction project as energy-conscious as possible. The consultation process can help cut operating costs for years or decades to come.

We also offer significant rebates to help offset construction costs. Earn rebates on efficient cooling, lighting, commercial kitchen equipment and site-specific custom projects.


PSO provides advice to identify energy-efficient capital improvements. We can also help optimize your existing equipment to improve performance and cut operating costs. From major projects to low-cost maintenance, we’ll help you ratchet up efficiency.

As you consider making efficiency upgrades to your industrial facility, here are some measures to consider:

  • Lower your equipment maintenance costs by decreasing your operating energy usage. Installing a variable frequency drive (VFD) on any motor or pump can reduce energy consumption and save money.
  • Maintain your furnace or heat pump. Schedule a maintenance visit at least every other year to ensure efficiency, reliability and safety.
  • Implement occupancy sensors. Consider installing sensors to control lights, air conditioning and bathroom exhaust fans.
  • Participate in PSO’s Peak Performers demand-response program.

PSO is ready to help. Learn more about our business rebates, or call 1.888.776.1366 to speak directly with us.