Multiple Ways to Save Energy at Your Multifamily Property

Business Heating and Cooling, Business Lighting and Electronics

Implementing efficiency measures in multifamily housing can be a complex process. Tenants have their own habits and priorities that may not coincide with your efficiency goals.

But there are several measures you can take to improve your bottom line and increase property values:

  • Lighting retrofits in common areas
  • Installing high-efficiency laundry equipment
  • Improving building insulation
  • Installing programmable thermostats in offices and in individual units if possible

PSO offers tools and resources to improve efficiency throughout your property:

  • Prescribed rebates: Earn incentives for specific measures including lighting, HVAC upgrades, occupancy sensors and more.
  • Total Building Tune-Up: PSO offers incentives to help you identify low-cost improvements. We help you optimize your existing equipment for a more efficient performance while increasing the life of your building’s systems.
  • Technical assistance and consulting services to help you identify efficiency opportunities.

Learn about business rebates offered by PSO, or call 1.888.776.1366 to speak with a PSO representative today.