Tulsa Performing Arts Center Puts Efficiency in the Spotlight

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The story of Tulsa Performing Arts Center began in 1973 with a challenge from civic leaders John H. Williams and Leta Chapman. If voters would fund half the price tag of construction, Williams and Chapman promised to raise the remaining funds.

The plan was a roaring success. The Tulsa Performing Arts Center opened its doors on March 19th, 1977, with a concert by jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. Today, more than 250,000 visitors fill its halls each year.

With over 450 incandescent stage lights, more than 300 recessed can lights and approximately 50 elevator lights, the Performing Arts Center consumed vast amounts of electricity. Facility managers needed a way to reduce lighting costs while avoiding the prohibitive expense of replacing hundreds of lighting fixtures.

Reflecting on the Possibilities

Building managers partnered with Crossroads LED, a PSO participating service provider, to retrofit the facility’s existing fixtures. The company employed an innovative approach for applying LED technology to existing housings and fixtures.

300-watt house lights were replaced by 30-watt LED luminaries, and 600-watt stage lights were upgraded with 90-watt LED replacements. Even the Center’s elevators received efficient LED upgrades.

Bold Thinking, Dramatic Results

The innovative partnership between Crossroads LED and the Tulsa Performing Arts Center is reaping significant rewards. The facility’s lighting costs were reduced by an amazing 80%. That translates to several hundred kilowatthours per performance.

As a result of the project, the Tulsa Performing Arts Center received nearly $14,000 in rebates from PSO and now saves more than 150,000 kilowatt hours per year.

Savings Summary

Annual energy savings: 151,247 kWh

Estimated annual energy cost savings: $10,600

Rebates paid by PSO: $13,856

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